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Aprons springing into action at the Special Olympics

Caroline Buaron, Staff Writer

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At Northwest, it seems like there are a multitude of clubs that fit each person’s interest. Gardening club, guitar club, cosplay club, are just some examples of what Northwest has to offer. But one club, Aprons in Action, is really volunteering around the community and putting their name into action by helping with the North Carolina Special Olympics.

“We had been wanting to work with OCS for awhile and we were originally planning on throwing them a party for the special olympics, but for scheduling reasons, we could not,” junior and founder of Aprons in Action, Madison Surratt said. “But, we still wanted to plan some sort of surprise to make their Olympic day special.”

Surratt, along with the club members of Aprons in Action, created goodie bags for the athletes that were filled with snacks and personalized posters.

“We all came in early that morning and prepared the goody bags, and gave them to the students as they ran through the line of their biggest fans,” Surratt said.

For Surratt, volunteering for the Special Olympics is more than just an event to gain service hours, but hits on a personal level.

“One of the main reasons I wanted the club to work with OCS is because I have two cousins with Down syndrome,” Surratt said. “My cousin, Timmy, always goes out of his way to help people. And my other cousin, Miguel, has Down syndrome and a form of dwarfism; but, this does not stop him from dancing and singing.”

The club has done several service learning projects and fundraisers, and the Special Olympics was just one of the many highlights that the club has participated in throughout the year.

“I see how hard they work and how inspiring they are,” Surratt said. “They brighten up everyone’s day and I wanted to help make these kids feel really special.”

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Aprons springing into action at the Special Olympics