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Clinton and Trump share the stage for the first time: Northwest’s reaction to the presidential debate

Taken from Wikimedia with permission

Taken from Wikimedia with permission

Faith Rickerts and Logan James

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‘Stronger together.’

‘Make America great again.’

Both slogans are some the American people have heard plenty of this election season. The essence of these sayings culminated last night at the first 2016 presidential debate.

With predicted viewership similar to that of the Super Bowl, people of all ages tuned in to see what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had to say.

“I thought [the debate] was childish,” sophomore Joshua Hairston said. “It was very immature; [Trump and Clinton] were just bickering back and forth. It was more about how they don’t like each other than actual politics.”

The consensus among Northwest’s population about the debate is largely the same: Clinton and Trump were not focused on actually debating.

“Neither one of them really answered the questions or laid out a platform,” senior Savannah Newton said. “It was more ‘let me attack what the other one says.’”

Students and teachers alike watched what the candidates had to say, but opinions were not far off from each other.

“[The debate] was entertaining,” social studies teacher Emily Moran said. “It started out nice, and then it got a little testy towards the end. But it was interesting, for sure.”

This shared opinion of multiple students and staff fuels the idea of no clear winner being established from last night.

“[Trump] was pretty chill, but Hillary seemed poised,” Hairston said. “I still think they’re both idiots.”

The debate didn’t manage to turn anyone towards a certain candidate or away from another, but many people are still looking for other options to vote for this November.

“[The debate] made me feel like neither one is prepared to run the country,” Newton said. “I would vote the third party candidate Gary Johnson because I feel that we are in need of a change, and I think that Donald Trump isn’t the right change in the sense that he doesn’t have enough political experience to be the president of the United States, but I also don’t think Hillary is trustworthy enough.”


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Clinton and Trump share the stage for the first time: Northwest’s reaction to the presidential debate