Mo Green announces plans to resign

By Anna Yang on December 15th, 2015mo green

Maurice “Mo” Green, superintendent of Guilford County Schools, announced his decision to resign from Guilford County Schools as of Tuesday, Dec.8. Green has served as superintendent since July of 2008.

“I was very shocked; I couldn’t believe it at first and was hoping it was just a rumor,” ninth grade administrator Kimberly Gilyard said.

The students of Northwest High School responded similarly towards his decision.

“I’m so sad because he’s such a great leader for Guilford County,” sophomore Rose Warosh said.

However, when he first arrived, Green was met with some skepticism. His background as a lawyer at Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools did not seem commensurate with the role he’d be taking at GCS.

“He was never a teacher and educator, so people thought he would not be a good superintendent,” said English teacher Monica Clark.

Despite initial hesitation from constituents, many would agree Green has made a difference through his vision of excellence. Students and teachers alike have felt the effects of his policies he has implemented.

“He’s given us some pretty good technology and made Northwest a cleaner and safer place,” said Warosh said.

Programs Green has put in place have helped students, especially low-income families, and he is attributed for raising graduation rates and test scores tremendously.

Overall high school graduation rates in GCS have increased from 79.7 percent to 89.3 percent in the last seven years.

“Say Yes to Education, [a program designed to give scholarships to all graduates of public schools], is huge and definitely impacts Northwest in addition to Guilford County,” Clark said.

Green has also helped decrease the difference between subgroups of students.

“In the years that Mo Green has been here, the gaps of [minority/disabled students] have lessened significantly,” Clark said. “The test scores of African American and Latinos have risen significantly.”

Green has also increased communication between staff members and parents through programs such as Respect and Response.

“The district requires that we respond to parent concerns in a prompt manner,” Gilyard said.

Additionally, he has stressed the importance of attendance.

“With the push for increase in attendance, Northwest has seen positive recognition. It makes me feel great being part of such a wonderful school,” Gilyard said.

The upcoming change in leadership leaves some students and staff members anxious regarding who will take Green’s place.

“There are big shoes to fill,” said Clark. “He was a good guy who really cared about doing a good job.”