Unique places to visit in North Carolina!


Looking for unique places to visit in North Carolina? There are places you’ve never thought to visit. From views of a castle  to fascinating theme parks, there’s so much to see. Grab a bag of chips and get on scrolling! 

Land Of Oz Theme Park : This is one of the most popular theme parks located in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. It’s a park based on the Land of Oz, and all the rides are built in an unique way that represent the items and characters of the story. There, you can also watch the real life action performance of the book and interact with characters! You can go on rides, try funnel cakes, and explore 02!

World’s Largest Chest of Drawers: This beautiful attraction site is located in High Point, North Carolina. It consists of a 32 ft Victorian dresser on the grounds of a rural area. You can also learn about the history of the dresser through the bulletin board located next to it. Since it’s close by, it would be a short trip. What’s more, it’s open 24 hours! 

Clingmans Dome Observation Tower : The tower is located in the area of the Great Smoky Mountains. The observation tower offers a spectacular 360 view of the mountain. You won’t see a view like this anywhere. It’s convenient to stop by the tower since you’re in the mountains!

Whirligig Park and Museum : This unique park is located in Wilson, North Carolina. It’s known as one of the most popular parks to visit, mainly for walking around and taking pictures. It consists of creative wind-powered sculptures and hosts fun events such as concerts. This park is a must-go-to place on your checklist. 

Great Dismal Swamp State Park: The swamp is an exciting day trip for those traveling as a family or alone! It is located in South Mills, NC. It features over 20 miles of trails and goes beyond a 2,000 foot boardwalk where you can see the vast swampland. If you want exercise or want to see something fresh, make sure to stop by. 

Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky Attraction : This breathtaking site is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s dubbed an “enchanted hobbit home.” Inside the Cloud Chamber, you can see images of the sky, trees, and clouds on the floor. Doesn’t it sound intriguing to see the world flipped upside down?

Castle Mont Rouge : This extravagant castle is located in Rougemont, North Carolina. It’s one of the hidden beauties in the state. Here, you can see intricate designs of the castle and the spiraling patterns of it. If you want to experience the feeling of living in a castle, stop by!

Boo Boo Bear Statues : Everybody needs some sort of sweetness in their life. Located in Bolton, NC, these adorable twin Boo Boo Bear statues are based on the TV show “Yogi Bear.” It’s dedicated to the show and guards the entrance of a driveway. If you want to take pictures with these cute statues, come here next time!

If you ever have free time, take a day trip and stop by these unique places!