Artist Profile: Alejo Zavala

Artist Profile: Alejo Zavala

Junior Alejo Zavala has a hobby of collecting action figures and displaying them in scenes. This is an art form called action figure photography, where one positions an action figure to depict it as if it were alive and takes a photo of that scene. 


“Loving these characters from movies and TV and seeing them so out there and so realistic inspired me to depict them as if they were real,” said Zavala. “The closest thing that I could get to those characters were action figures.”


Zavala poses characters as if they are living in a scene, and he tries to fit as much personality as he can in one photo.


“I thought about doing some stop motion, but it’s time consuming,” Zavala said. “So instead of doing a lot of frames that convey movement and them being alive, I can press it down just to one frame and try to fit as much personality in that photo and make them seem like they are living.”


According to Zavala, the process for making these photos is more complicated than it looks, but the end result is worth it.


“When you see the pictures they look really straight forward but in actuality they are not,” Zavala said. “I have to do some really in-depth editing and get a lot of stuff to match up. It can be time consuming and not everything works the way you want it to, but just seeing it all come together and having this one cohesive piece at the end is really satisfying,”


Zavala shares his photos on his Instagram:


“Sharing it is one of my favorite things,” Zavala said. “I’m fine with just keeping it to myself, but sharing it and seeing it with other people is one of my favorite things to do with the pictures.”