Senior spotlight: Claire Haile


Photo courtesy of Claire Haile.

Haile works with refugee children in her free time. She worked with this boy from Syria in 2019.

What have been your best high school memories?

My best high school memories have been getting to meet and become close with so many amazing people. I love how, at a big school like Northwest, I’ve been able to meet so many different people.

What are the extracurriculars you’ve been involved in throughout high school?

Throughout high school I’ve spent a lot of my time outside of school taking dance classes, especially ballet. I’ve also spent time volunteering, usually with refugee students.

What effects have these extracurriculars had on your experience in high school/what have they taught you?

Dance has been a really great outlet for me during high school, especially when I feel stressed. I’ve also loved volunteering with refugee kids by doing things like tutoring them, taking them to museums and parks, and just spending time with them because it feels really great to be able to help them settle into their new life in America and succeed.  I was able to combine these interests by starting a ballet class for refugee kids over the summer at the New Arrivals Institute. It was really meaningful for me to be able to share my love of dance with kids who might not have been exposed to dance before.

One of Haile’s extracurricular activities is dance. She uses her experience from dance to help children learn about dance. (Photo courtesy of Claire Haile. )

Have you been involved in any clubs at Northwest? If so, what are they?

During my time at Northwest I was involved in Latin Club and Certamen (Latin quiz bowl).

Can you talk about your positive experiences in these clubs?

Latin club and Certamen were a great way to go more in depth with Latin and Roman culture.

Do you have any academic achievements? If so, what are they?

-National Merit Scholarship Finalist

-A Honor Roll All Quarters

-Junior Marshal

-Silver Medal, 2020 National Latin Exam

What have your favorite classes been in high school?

Some of my favorite classes at Northwest have been Human Geography, English Language and Composition with Ms. Huynh-Duc, Latin, Physics and APUSH.

What plans do you have for college?

I’m going to Davidson College next year. I’m excited to go somewhere small with a great sense of community.

How has the college process been, in your experience?

The college process was definitely stressful, but I think it’s less overwhelming than it’s made out to be. I don’t think it’s something people should spend all four years of high school worrying about.

What future plans do you have?

I’m interested in going to law school and becoming an immigration lawyer, but I’m very open to taking a wide variety of classes in college and exploring lots of interests.