Northwest’s speech and debate team experiences success at Asheville tournament

The Northwest speech and debate team is a club at Northwest that meets after school Mondays and Wednesdays. Its members range from freshmen to seniors, and the team journeys to other schools in the state to participate in tournaments. 

“There are two sections: speech and debate,” freshman Andy Trabert said. “Speech has humorous interpretation, dramatic interpretation, informational, declamation and many others. Debate has only three (sub-categories): congress, Lincoln-Douglas and public forum.”

As a club member, you choose which you want to participate in: speech or debate.

“For debate, you have to look up different things for each tournament,” freshman Spencer Hiller said. “For speech, you’re in two seasons, and you have to memorize one piece each season.”

Hiller participates on the speech part of the team.

”I love the freedom of picking the topic for speech,” Hiller said.

On Nov. 22-23, the team traveled to Asheville, North Carolina for their fifth tournament of the year going up against Myers Park High School, Ardrey Kell High School, Charlotte Catholic High School, Providence High School and Riverside High School. 

“We had judges who ranked our performance,” Trabert said. “They take the top six, and the winner gets a trophy.”

While going against these other competitive high schools, five members from the Northwest speech and debate team placed in the tournament.

Sophomore Sophie Carson placed second in varsity Lincoln-Douglas along with senior Mary Yin, a leader in speech, who placed second in impromptu. Sophomore Jakob Dedona also placed first in declamation.

Senior Sean Martineau and junior Sach Denuwara both placed as semifinalists in the varsity public forum.

With the Northwest speech and debate team making those accomplishments, they look to bring that same energy and attitude to their next debate– the Chase Tournament on Dec. 14.

“I love the people; they’re super nice, very kind, supportive and helpful,” Trabert said.