Modeling event boosts body postitivity in students


Have you ever wanted to become a model but, have thought that you can’t because you aren’t the beauty standard? For senior Jaiden Lawrance, changing the modeling stigma is important in promoting body positivity.

On Thursday November 14, Northwest’s inaugural Making of a Model event was held in the media center.

“I think it is (important to bring people to the media center) because a lot of people see it as a library, were it really Mrs. Strange’s (Natalie Strange, media specialist)  ideas can become a creative hub for students,” said Lawrance. “It’s not necessarily that the library is limited to just books, the library has a lot of activities and hosts a lot of clubs.”

The students enrolled in Media Services 1, are required to create an event that is hosted in the media center.

“I’m into modeling and fashion and I thought I could do that because it could create body positivity,” said Lawrance. “(I thought) that I could also educate people on the different types of modeling because a lot of people don’t know about the different types.”

“I think this event is important because it opens you up to modeling as a career opportunity, as opposed to something that is just unattainable,” said senior Kierstan Gray.

 In modern times most people see modeling as a dream for the small percent of people who fit the beauty standards set by companies and the press. 

“I think (body positivity) really is important when it comes to being in high school because a lot of the times people don’t feel confident in their own skin and decide to hide,” said Lawrance, “I thought this event would be a good way for them (students) to express themselves.”

It (modeling) also helps students with their self esteem because it is such an open environment”

— senior, Kierstan Gray

The event allowed for students to choose to model or to act as a photographer and take pictures of other people.

“Even if they (students) don’t want to express themselves through modeling, they can have the option of being a photographer,” said Lawrance.

Gray shared similar views with Lawrance about self esteem in high school.

“I definitely think it (having a good self esteem) is important especially with our use of social media, events that positively impact student’s self esteem can impact their overall mental health which can impact their grades,” said Gray.