Fall Playlist

The season of Fall can bring out the emotion of sadness. However, this fall playlist includes songs that will make the season of Fall a little bit more enjoyable.

“Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran

In this song, Ed Sheeran expresses the idea that those that are loved will not be forgotten. He also proceeds to describe the silver lining that something positive always comes out of the bad things in life through the explanation of the memories held even after loved ones pass away or leave.

“September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Although this song was written amidst the chaos of a protest, it tends to have a soothing and joyful effect on all of those that listen to it.

“I grew up listening to September, so it triggers a lot of nostalgia for me when I listen to it now,” senior Alyssa Cross said.

“September” by Daughtry

Chris Daughtry explained in this song how he needed to leave his tiny hometown for a bigger city in order to succeed in the music industry. The month of September represents a period of change for him and for many.

“Halloween” by Kodak Black

This song was released on October 31, 2017. The title along with the release date allow this song to represent the season of Fall.

“November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses

The orchestral elements and sound of Guns N’ Roses captures the Fall emotions.

“Obviously November Rain is the best fall song and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you,” Northwest alumni Jacob Skeehan said.

“Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey wrote this song for the film The Great Gatsby. The melody of this song in addition to her deep speaking voice form the epitome of the season of Fall.

“This Is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson

The haunting take of this song provides the spooky effect of the month of October.

“Sweater Weather” by the Neighborhood

This song emphasizes the calm, emotional side of the season of Fall. This was one of the Neighborhood’s best songs even though it was their first song.