Prom 2019-Mardi Gras

Prom is one of the experiences that students look forward to to doing during their high school career, and something that many people reflect on during their adult life. Needless to say, Northwest Guilford High school had many attendees from all grades of the school to enjoy the 2019 prom, whose theme was Mardi Gras.

This year, the prom was held at Embassy Sweets off of Highway 68. The decorations for the theme of Mardi Gras were stunning, the room being filled with balloons colored gold, green, purple and white. The main focal point, hanging above the food, was a traditional Mardi Gras mask made out of balloons. Below it, students could dine on food such as chicken tenders, fruit, and dessert.

“Prom was really fun,” sophomore Savannah Lawson said. “The music was great and I loved the theme.”

The DJ played a mix of contemporary songs as well as some crowd pleasers, the music selection ranging from “Thotiana” to “Sweet Caroline.” The dancefloor was packed with attendees by 10 who were dancing throughout the event.

“For my first time at prom, I felt like I got the full experience,” junior Rylie Olsen said. “There were bits of things I expected like crazy dancing, and bits of unexpected things like Baby Shark. But all of it was a blast and I highly recommend going to those planning to attend in the future.”

Prom King and Queen were decided via studentvote. The lucky royals chosen were seniors Clayton Joiner and Jalisa Williams.

“I had such a great time at prom with my friends this year,” Lawson said. “The music and theme was great, and dressing up with your friends is always fun. I can’t wait to go again next year.”