Northwest alumni makes it to Jimmy Fallon

Northwest alumni, Jourdain Fisher, performed his first late night stand-up comedy routine on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this December.

He explains his experience on the show and his growing up in Greensboro and attending Northwest below.


Where are you currently living? How are things? How different is it then Greensboro?

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and I love it. New York is a much busier city than Greensboro and so culturally diverse. The opportunities for stage time up here is more plentiful as well and is the main reason I moved. It’s a better city, career wise, for a comedian.

I love Greensboro, it will always be my home but I had to move in order to help make my dreams come true.


What are some your favorite memories or good times at Northwest?

Honestly, I rode the bus all four years of high school and I had a lot of fun joking around on there and making friends. I made some great friends and memories with this group of friends I made during a project for world history.

Senior year anatomy was great because I got to joke around in there too. Pretty much any setting in Northwest that allowed me to be funny was a good time for me.

This one time, Mr. Kitly thought I was making fun of him. I mean why would I do that, I was a small kid and he towered over me. I mean really, would an aspiring comedian who eventually did stand up comedy for his senior project make fun of any of the staff?

Anyways, he called me out. He said, “You! Come over here.” I started to walk over and he goes, “Run!” So I did. He told me I was going to have to meet him in his office the next day. So I had to sweat it all night, fearing what trouble I would be in. Not only that, he waited until the end of the day to call me to the office. I get in his office, we talk it out and I explain that I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. Then he invited me to a school luncheon for some of the students.

It all worked out in the end. Nice guy, but he definitely scared the crap out of me in the moment.


What are some of your favorite teachers you had?

My math teacher, Mrs. Brown, was always super cool and so was my English teacher, Mrs. Mebane.

Mrs. Mebane actually came to my first show back in high school. I don’t think she works at Northwest anymore though. I liked my world history teacher so much because she didn’t seem to mind me making jokes in class; and that’s where I first started to really realize I was funny.


How was the experience of being on The Tonight Show?

Doing the Tonight Show was incredible. It’s exhilarating to experience and be a part of a show with so much history. Jimmy is super nice and very genuine, which is always great when you meet a celebrity. When you arrive at the studio they give you a rundown of everything that will happen for the taping. You do a dress rehearsal which involves you going out to the stage and running your entire set, for an empty room; just so you can get the feel of the space. After that you wait around for the next hour and a half as they tape the show.

I was pacing around, practicing my set over and over. When it was my time to go on, they took me behind the stage while Jimmy gives the intro. Next thing you know, you’re in front of a live studio audience. Iit goes well and Jimmy Fallon is standing right next to you. Just like that it’s all over, but I was so excited that it all went well. Afterwards, I met with Jimmy again, got to meet members of The Roots and ate some great food.


What are your goals for the future moving forward from such an amazing accomplishment?

Moving forward, I’d like to tour the country doing stand up comedy. I’ll continue to audition for TV shows and movies so that I can get cast on a project.

I’d also like to sell some ideas I have for TV  shows, as well as do some animated voice over work.