Northwest Dance Ensemble

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Northwest Dance Ensemble

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Students line up before the last bell of the day rings. Once the bell rings, many students speed out of school and off to home or after-school activities, although many days of the week, club meetings are held. Students gather for many clubs during the week but there’s one out of the ordinary know as the Northwest Dance Ensemble.

The Dance Ensemble is no ordinary club; the students meet twice a week in the auditorium for after school practices. The students are very involved in the compact club. Each student plays a part in the 3-minute dance. With every second counting, each student must stay involved.

“[Students] now get the chance to dance at school; many wanted to be on the team, but they can now be a part of the ensemble,” senior Madison Mendyke said.

Unlike most schools, Northwest has a dance ensemble instead of a team. Northwest has not had dance team for two years. EC teacher Kristin Skordahl was the school’s previous dance team coach, but now she is the club’s adviser. The club gives student dancers an opportunity to dance with the school and still allots time to dance outside of school.

The group is currently halfway through the piece, the piece is a swing-inspired. Skordahl choreographed the group’s entire piece. The group will perform the dance in February of 2018. It is in Winston-Salem, and is taking place in a school. The competition is against other school teams and ensembles.

Once the ensemble competes, the ensemble has no further plans, but some members speculate they will be asked to perform at school.

“Even though I’m a senior and it’s my last year at Northwest, I hope it can continue for many years to come,” Mendyke said.

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