Biography of a photographer: Haydn Torres

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Biography of a photographer: Haydn Torres

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Point, click and shoot, a photographer’s life motto. Northwest is full of photographers, some educated, other learning. Northwest provides classes like photo design, AP 2D studio and yearbook, providing an array of student photographers with unique views.

Junior Haydn Torres began photography at a young age. Later, she took her first photography class, photo design, in 2015 after moving from Pennsylvania to Greensboro, North Carolina.

“Moving helped me realize how much I love photography,” Torres said.

Photo design is a starter class taught by art teacher Beth Herrick to instill students with a knowledge of photography basics. A DSLR camera is required; this helps students learn how to properly use camera settings. Students photos can be viewed on the art hallway in front of Herrick’s class room.

“Art is a big thing for me,” Torres said.

Photo design had a huge influence on Torres interest in photography. After falling in love with photography, Torres proceeded to take AP 2D studio art her sophomore year. Photography is more of a career for Torres now–she is currently taking yearbook, a class advised by Herrick, as a staff photographer.

Her love for photography goes into much more than a hobby. Torres has future hopes of becoming a crime scene/ forensics photographer.

“I’m taking [the forensics] class this year so I don’t apply to colleges and come to find I don’t like it after applying,” Torres said.

Torres prefers to photograph children, along with intense or depressing subjects. Torres has many younger brothers whom she enjoys photographing. She also loves to be around children and finds herself surprisingly good with them.

Torres finds depressing photography breathtaking and beautiful.

“It’s the easiest subject to photography, there’s so much you can do,” Torres said.

Now in yearbook, Torres is focused on sports photography, straying away from her roots. Experience is all a step towards her future goals.

“It was once a [small hobby], now it’s [part of] my life,” Torres said.

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