Biography of a creative writer: Kathryn Kwon

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Biography of a creative writer: Kathryn Kwon

Autumn Dixon, staff writer

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Computer keys clacking and pencils tapping are all familiar sounds to the students in Abby Turner’s creative writing class. Many students enrolled in the class have individual reasons for joining the class.

However, because English is her second language, sophomore Kathryn Kwon opted to take creative writing to help her English skills and as a step to achieving her future goals. Kwon’s sister, Taeim Kwon, recommended the class to her after a positive experience.

“I want to improve my writing skills,” Kwon said.

Kwon was born in South Korea and immigrated to United States in 2015. She moved to North Carolina with only basic English like “hello” and “my name is.” This immediately took a toll on her education, causing her to be enrolled in standard level classes that have been below her skill set since eighth grade.

Going into this year, Kwon was taking two AP classes but had to drop them.

“I need to improve my writing [before I can] take AP classes; graded response questions cause me trouble,” Kwon said.

Despite her lack of her English writing skills, Kwon still enjoys writing poems. She thinks poems are a creative writing outlet with minimal boundaries. As a result, she feels creativity can flow without strict English rules. She also finds them easier to write due to the shortened length.

Kwon took the class with intentions of improving her writing skill set but has grown to love the environment.

“It’s very relaxed and calming,” Kwon said.

This culture in creative writing has helped Kwon enjoy the class. She’s at ease knowing the class won’t stress her. She says she loves the people and especially the teacher, Turner.

While Kwon has no intentions of being a writer, she hopes the class will be a step to her success. Kwon also hopes to take AP classes next year to help her prepare for college and her future goal of becoming a thoracic surgeon.

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