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My unforgettable Journey in Germany

Alex Cake, Staff Writer

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After being submersed in school work for the 3rd quarter, it was time for me and my family to leave for our trip to Germany. During the last minute packing and preparations, it was hard to believe that it was already time to depart after months of planning.

Having no previous international traveling experience, the whole process was a bit nerve racking going until we landed.

Currently enrolled in German, I was eager to involve myself in the German language and culture. Our group stayed in Tübingen, approximately 40 minutes outside of Stuttgart in a Hostel (a less upscale version of a hotel.) Its historic district was very entertaining for me at least, courtesy of Northwest German teacher, Oliver Ham. The town was also however was very modern; there were a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, and attractions.

We were able to travel to Munich to see the Allianz Arena, the home of soccer team FC Bayern Munchen. It was an incredible atmosphere; I could sure imagine how much players appreciated the environment. On a depressing note, the group attended Dachau concentration camp; it was very mind blowing to see the barracks where people were forced to sleep and how they had to live.

Germany’s biggest sport, soccer, is often considered life by the youth of Germany. As we attended, I was fortunate enough to play multiple German club teams as well as Stuttgart’s professional academy, which had some of the greatest facilities I have ever seen. First, their field was mesmerizing. Never in my life had I ever played on a field with grass as soft as this field. Second: the atmosphere. The field was located outside the main stadium. I talked with some of their players after the game and they see this as motivation to have the dreams of one day playing in that stadium. Lastly: the other team. Stuttgart by far had the best players I have ever played against. Half the time they would just pass the ball around us for fun. We ended up winning 3-1 however, some of their better players did not participate in the game. I debated whether to ask their team for autographs because I figured that a good portion of them would go pro.

For my first time leaving North America, it was unforgettable; I would not trade this experience for anything. Nothing can compare to the environment, new friends I made along the trip, or the knowledge I gained involving myself into the German culture.

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My unforgettable Journey in Germany