Seven school supplies you don’t know you need


Paige Nehls

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1. Gum- Here’s a tip: no one wants to give you a piece of their gum, but they also don’t want to smell the less than pleasing aroma escaping your mouth. Don’t be that person after lunch asking everyone for a piece of gum. Don’t. Be. THAT. Person.

2. A Sweater- Unless you thrive in the cold, bring one. Normally if it’s hot outside its cooler in school, and if it’s cold outside its warm in school. The trailers are especially chilly, so if you don’t want to spend the entire period wallowing in your decreasing body temperature, bring one.


3. Chapstick- Everyone gets chapped lips at some point or another and as we all know its distracting and a little painful, so a $1 tube of lip balm will do you good. I don’t think I have to explain why you shouldn’t borrow chapstick. It’s gross you guys, it’s really gross.


4. Spare money- Don’t bring your life savings, $5-10 is a good amount to have on hand. You never know when you might need to buy a pencil or a composition book from a teacher, a decal, or stop and get breakfast before school, or buy a water bottle-the list is endless for why it’s handy. When you forget your lunch one day or have to buy gum off your friend, you can thank me.


5. A Planner- Organization is key to being successful in high school. Planners cost anything from $1-15 and they are going to be your best friend. It’s the perfect place to keep track of your schedule of appointments, assignments, quizzes, tests, dances, games, and mental/emotional breakdowns. It’s a wise investment, trust me.


6. Hand Sanitizer- I know a lot of teachers have it on supply lists, but I’m talking about the 1oz kind that smell like anything for rubbing alcohol to watermelon lemonade. You’re in a building with hundreds of other students, and if we’re being honest, not everyone is the best habit of washing their hands. Buy a little bottle of hand sanitizer and you use it before you eat, after you use the computers, or just whenever you think about it. Take some time to think about how many other people have touched the door handles, or your desk. Lots. Lots of people have.


7. Finally, drum roll please: Stain Remover to go- Those things are life savers! Life savers I tell you!!You’re going to spill soda, or coffee or splatter ketchup, or get ink on your clothing at least once in the school year (it’s going to happen more than that, and probably when you’re wearing white). Save your mom the stress and you the embarrassment, and get a stain remover pen. It will be the best $2 you ever spent…unless, of course, you buy a house or a car for $2. Then it will be the second best, at least in the top ten.