Mikey Angel Show review

It is prom night. And, in the distance, is the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen. You approach her, ask her to dance, and waltz your way through a slow dance. In the end, you kiss her, romantically.

And then you wake up to the horror that the girl is a broom, and you just shared that moment with the entire senior class.

“It was like a dream,” senior Rachel Murphy said. “It was surreal.”

Overall, the audience seemed to enjoy watching their classmates talk into shoes as if they were telephones and pet each other as if they were dolphins. In fact, enjoy would be an understatement; some positively had tears streaming from their eyes.

“It was weird because you could tell that a few people were more susceptible to it than others,” senior Anna Nolta said. “You could tell some people were faking it.”

This was a wonderful show. It was very well thought out and executed. If you ever get the chance, it is definitely worth an hour of your time, whether you remember it or not!