Sophomore’s short story to be made into film

Hannah Cook:

Willa Ma

Sports Editor

Imagine working on a short story and finding out that it will be turned into a short film.  This dream has become a reality for sophomore Hannah Cook, who wrote a short story for her English class and won a contest to bring her story to life.

“I was pretty excited because I wasn’t expecting to get a reply or anything like that,” Cook said.

As a part of the City of Greensboro’s Drama Center, Teen Greene Pictures, a motion picture company, announced a contest in which Guilford County high school students could write stories that are less than 1,000 words and features a teen protagonist.

“Teen Greene Pictures started in 2004; we added a teen division in 2012 because our younger group, Greene Pictures Jr. had aged up to high school,” City Arts Drama Director, Stephen Hyers said.

This is their second year having a short story to film contest.  Last year, Lauren Elwood’s “In the Crowd” won.  Her story focused on high school cliques.

Cook’s story will become a short film as the Teen Greene crew auditions teens in Greensboro.  The film will be shot by teens hoping to learn more about filmmaking.  Hyers will be the producer of the film, and coincidentally, a student from Northwest, junior Weston Crutchfield, will be directing and shooting the short film.  Last year, Crutchfield was the director of photography.

“[We picked Cook’s story because it] was a daring piece about loss in an exciting environment,” Hyers said.

The plot of her story focuses on a two best friends, Kaylen Reese and Sasha, whose parents are spies.  Their families were together over Christmas break.  When Sasha and her family leave, they die in a car crash.  Years later, Kaylen, who now goes to a spy school, figures out her parents are double agents and that they had killed Sasha and her family.

“She has a strong message about disappointment that is clear in her story, and we hope to carry that into the film version,” Hyers said.

Cook adapted her short story into a script in early January.

“I had to shorten [the script] a little bit because it’s a short film,” Cook said. “I ended up switching it a lot, but it’s still the baseline of the story.”

The crew is currently working on the second draft of the script.  They hope to release the movie in early August, so look out for “Enemies Closer,” coming to theaters soon.