Northwest’s art classes going to the Big Apple

Drama and creative writing teacher Abby Cockman has invited her classes to New York City for spring break. The activities planned include seeing Wicked and Newsises on Broadway, visiting the 9/11 Memorial, going to the top of the Rockefeller Center, taking a tour of Central Park and, of course, shopping.

“I hope to learn more about writing scripts from watching the Broadway shows,” junior Steven Jones said.

Ms. Cockman has arranged for a drama workshop and the opportunity to meet the cast from the shows.

The group will be travelling by train and staying near Times Square. They will arrive early Wednesday morning and return the Monday school starts. All students are required to attend class that day.

“I am not looking forward to school Monday morning. I may be a little sleepy, but I don’t mind. The trip will be worth it,” junior Caroline Taney said.

Eligibility for the trip included being a student of Ms. Cockman and having no record or ISS or OSS. No doubt every attendee is thrilled.

“I have been to New York City before, and I think the entire atmosphere is exhilarating to be around,” Taney said. “My best friend is going on the trip, and to be able to go with her is super exciting. We’re both anxious to be there already.”