“Wonder Woman 1984” Review


WW84 was released on both HBO Max and in Theaters simultaneously on Christmas and was panned by critics and audiences alike for its many problems, chief among them was its writing.

“Wonder Woman 1984” follows Gal Gadot as the titular superhero after the events of the first “Wonder Woman” film as she is grappling with the loss of the person she loved, Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine. Wonder Woman also has to defeat the two villains of the movie, Max Lord played by Pedro Pascal and The Cheetah played by Kristin Wiig.

The best thing in the movie, much like the last one, is the chemistry between Pine and Gadot onscreen. Even though Pine re-enters the movie through the body of someone else which is somewhat bizarre and creepy, they still play off of each other in a fun and entertaining way.

Another positive that I can give this movie is the entertainment value, especially in regard to Pedro Pascal’s performance. The first “Wonder Woman” is easily the better movie, but this one was far more entertaining and will most likely be remembered better because of it.

Unfortunately, the bad and contrived writing of this movie weighs it down from really being the solid superhero movie that its predecessor was. This is only the second major movie that director Patty Jenkins has ever written, and her inexperience seems to show.

There are so many logic gaps and plot holes that it will make your head spin trying to understand why something is happening. On top of that, the motivations of several of our characters either make no sense or don’t seem to exist.

To sum it all up, “Wonder Woman 1984” tries to pretend it’s grander than it is, but it’s held back by its subpar writing.