Artist profile: Anna Manry


Photo courtesy of Andy Manry

Sophomore Anna Manry, performing in the 2019 production of ‘Roxanne’. She has been in color guard since 7th grade.

Junior Anna Manry is involved in a variety of different arts programs at Northwest. She has been in Orchestra for 5 years, visual arts for 2 years and has been a part of Northwest’s color guard for 4 years.

Manry has the most experience in orchestra, which has allowed her to grow as a musician starting in middle school and growing into high school.

Manry playing the cello in an orchestra concert. She has been in orchestra since 6th grade.

“(Orchestra is) a de-stressor for me, but it’s challenging in a fun way. Having to go to the different positions and having the notes absolutely perfect. The tiniest differences change the notes,” Manry said. “I’ve had (Mr. Walter) for years and he’s honestly great. It’s a fun class. It’s laid back, never stressful.”

Manry has been in Northwest’s color guard for 4 years. She started when she was in 7th grade at Northwest Middle School.

“It’s (an) active (sport) and helps me get my energy out in a way that’s fun. You get to be (different) characters in hair, makeup, and costumes with your friends. It’s just a lot of fun for me,” Manry said.

The main reason Manry got so hooked on color guard is simple. Self-expression is something that is completely up to the performer in the sport.

“I can talk as much as I want, be as weird as I want, and have something fun to do with my friends because we’re all in band. Competitions are exciting and so much fun,” Manry said.

Although she has been in art for a shorter period of time, it is still just as important to her as the other art forms she participates in. For competitions, you’ll never see the people in the crowd again, so don’t be afraid to just perform.

(I) never hold back. It’s more fun when you let go, and that’s what’s honestly made me so good (at color guard) for these past few seasons”

— Anna Manry

“It’s also a de-stressor (for me). Having one of those classes during the day is nice because I could have just come from a class with a long test and get to spend my next class doing something that is relaxing,” Manry said.

Balancing three totally different art forms can be tiring and time-consuming, but somehow, she makes it work out for the best.

“The most difficult thing is probably trying to find time for everything, especially art because a lot of the work is outside of class,” Manry said. “It’s a lot to balance, and band has such a tight schedule with practice almost every day and competitions on the weekends, which can sometimes conflict with (orchestra) concerts. It’s not that bad, mainly because the coaches and teachers are understanding.”