The Northwest Elite Dance Ensemble attend the North Carolina Scholastic Dance Festival


The Northwest Dance Ensemble work hard to impress the judges.

The Northwest Elite Dance Ensemble is a scholastic club organization that consists of students of all ages, who compete against other high schools in competitions and dance festivals. Recently, they have placed in the top three for two different dance categories.

On Saturday Feb. 8, the Northwest Elite Dance Ensemble attended the North Carolina Scholastic Dance Festival, winning first place in jazz and second in contemporary.

“Before getting on stage, all of us were very nervous and hoping to do well,” junior Harper Brady said. “After we got off stage, we all were fairly confident that we had done well and we were anxiously waiting for the results.”

The festival took place at Cox Mill High School in Concord, North Carolina, and there were 17 high schools total that attended. This is the sixth year that The NC Scholastic Dance Festival took place, and it is the third year that Northwest attended.

“It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to expose some of our students to the opportunities that are out there,” EC teacher and dance coach Kristen Skordahl said.

With preparing for the competition, the dance team committed to put a lot of hard work and effort into practice, in order to perform at their best.

“We had bonded through the hours of hard work and practice, and performing together strengthened that bond,” Harper said. 

With attending this competition, many of the dancers felt that they connected more with their teammates. Some even stepped out of their comfort zone to talk to other people outside of the team.

“It (the dance competition) has helped me branch out and meet more people,” sophomore Chloe Hampton said.

The dancers who attended, felt that the experience as a whole affected them in a very positive way.

“Attending the competition has had a positive effect on our team,” Harper said. “I enjoy being on a team with such wonderful people, and I’m excited to be able to dance with them again in the future.”