Valentine’s Day Crafts: Ditching generic gifts this holiday.

Trying some new creative ways of showing affection.


Getting creative with different ways to make bracelets for the ones we love the most!

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and friendship. Whether you have a date or not, it’s a day to celebrate and appreciate those closest to you. 

But this day is not only for those who are “cuffed” in relationships or for romantic love; platonic love is celebrated as well. Spending “a day with the bro’s” or celebrating “Galentine’s” with all your girl-friends has become more socially acceptable as society’s views on love, relationships and ultimately marriage have shifted throughout the years. Nowadays, many teenagers are encouraged to spend this day with their friends and family as well as their boyfriends and girlfriends.

Valentine’s is marked by the tons of chocolate, flowers (specifically red roses), and teddy bears that lovers gift one another in a sign of affection. Many people go on dinner dates the night of Valentine’s or go catch a movie with their significant other. 

To steer away from the stereotypical Valentine’s day gifts, here are some fun crafts that you can gift to those you care for without having to use tons of money buying expensive chocolates and stuffed animals!

A friendship bracelet with the Spanish word for “pretty” is easy to make!

Thread bracelets (AKA Friendship bracelets) are a fun, cheap and simple way to show your devotion to someone on this holiday! Here are a few simple steps and ways you can make them!


Colors next to each other in the color wheel tend to make better combinations of colors than those who are on opposite ends.

First, you will need six different color threads. You can use any kind of thread that is thick enough to make knots and braid easily. Measure the threads from finger-tip to finger-tip, or the size of your wingspan.


Make sure the strands are all the same size in order for a proper length bracelet.

After you’ve measured all the strings and made sure they’re even, line them up and separate them. This will keep you organized and make the process of building the knots a lot faster.

The knots are going to be small, tie around each string firmly.

Grab the first string in your line up and wrap it around the second string. Do this step twice on each ring, until you reach the end of the thread.

Keep building knots and you’ll see a bracelet taking form!

Once you have reached about the halfway point, you can decide whether you want to continue to make a simple bracelet (as pictured above) or ad fun decorations like beads.


You can continue to make knots or add beads and make your bracelet extra special!

And there you have it! A cute, wearable present to gift your friends, teachers, family, or significant other. These bracelets can be made in many different colors, shapes and sizes!

A simpler type of bracelet is a Braided bracelet.

Braided bracelets are easy to make, exactly like braiding your hair.

For this particular bracelet, all you have to do is tie the 6 strings at one end and separate them into three groups to braid them over one another.

After you finish braiding the threads together, measure the bracelet to your wrist, tie a knot at the bottom of the bracelet so the braid does not undo itself and cut off any excess strings.

You can always add a card, some candy and a fancy dinner date if you’d like, the bracelet you make will show whoever you gift it to that you truly love them– or enough to take time and dedication to make a bracelet. This Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones that a simple gesture like a friendship bracelet can show a lot of care.