9 Must Watch TV Series


You(top left), The Mandalorian(top right), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel(bottom left) and The Act(bottom right)

  1. Stranger Things (2016-present)

This supernatural sci-fi drama takes place during the 80s in a fictional town called Hawking, Indiana. The story sets off when a young boy named Will Byers suddenly disappears. This results in his family and friends all across town to go searching for answers until his closest friend group come across a lab with inhuman-like experiments, unreal supernatural forces, and one little girl who seems to revolve around it.


  1. Thirteen Reasons Why (2017-present)

High school can be hard, but for the new girl, Hannah Baker, the students make it miserable for her. The story sets off when Hannah takes her own life and leaves the town dumbfounded. About two weeks later, there are a set of cassette tapes are discovered left by Hannah, that are meant to be listened to by the students responsible for her death. The tapes hold lots of secrets that some try to keep concealed until another student, Clay Jensen, gets them and wants to do something about it. How much more drama will these tapes bring or unleash among the students?


  1. You (2018-present)

“You,” is a dramatic thriller about a man named Joe Goldberg, who works in a bookstore in the middle of Manhattan. Joe has a dark side to him that he doesn’t seem to want to face; he also believes in love at first site and would do anything for love. But how far will he go? One day, a young woman, Guinevere Beck, walks into the bookstore to look for a book only to catch the eye of Joe. He instantly falls for her and wants to do anything just to make her fall in love with him which eventually leads to stalking and even murder. How far will he go, just to make this possible?


  1. Black Mirror (2011-present)

“Black Mirror,” is not like many TV series. Each episode has its own suspenseful story, with a different group of characters. Every episode however, does revolve around techno-paranoia, which essentially means the fear of modern technology. Each story can very from a mother who obsessively stalks her daughter through a tablet, to a reality where everyone can read each other’s emotions through a smartphone.


  1. Riverdale (2018-present)

“Riverdale” is not your normal stereotypical quiet small town. The town as an affinity to attracting crime and numerous mysteries that go unsolved; that is until a small group of teenagers (Betty, Archie, Jughead, and Veronica) form a shaky yet unbreakable friendship and put it upon themselves to solve those mysteries. How many shocking crimes will it take to make the town as a whole to break?


  1. The Mandalorian (2019)

This Star Wars spin off takes place in the future that revolves around a mandalorian, which is a bounty hunter. He is assigned with a mission to capture a being that belongs to a unique species only to discover that it is merely a child. He then realizes that the people he needs to turn the child over to, only want to do harm to it and he is forced to make a decision to honor his morals or his trade. With either decision, he risks putting one or both of their lives in peril.


  1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017-present )

This historical drama is set back in the 50s about a lady named Miriam Maisel who seems to have the perfect life, husband, kids and apartment in the upper east side part of New York. One day, her picturesque life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers a hidden talent that she has. This talent ends up leading her away from her comfortable sheltered life in Greenwich, to the comedy that the city really holds.


  1. The Act (2019) 

“The Act” is a dramatic thriller based on the true story of Gypsy Rose who lived with her lying manipulating mother. Rose has lived a life filled with a number of health issues, that is until she finds out her mother has been lying to her about every disease she was “diagnosed” with. With finding out this horrific truth, Rose tries to break free from her mom’s stronghold of toxic love, which eventually leads to a story line of deceit, murder and mystery.


  1. When They See Us (2019)

When a jogger is attacked and raped in New York’s Central Park, a group of African-American and Hispanic teenagers are taken into custody and are wrongly charged. This sparks the beginning of one of the most popular and controversial juvenile cases ever tried in New York City and brings to light the dangers of racial profiling. “When They See Us” tells a compelling story of the horrific and traumatizing experience that shook the lives of the teenagers and their families.