Media center puts forth new initiative for socials


Seniors Alexandra Vlad, Mary Alex Beverly and Celeste Kidd O’Brian enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

The Media Center is usually seen as a place of comings and goings, but with media specialist Natalie Strange’s new initiative to increase participation, the library is beginning to be a place where students are able to come, sit down and socialize.

“The events are made to get people to come to the library and realize it’s accessible,” Strange said.

Some of these socials include the “Hot Cocoa and Ice Cream Social” and “Game Night” that took place on Nov. 18.

Hot Cocoa and Ice Cream Social

Hot Cocoa and Ice Cream. 

Two things that do not fit with each other but brought together through the first ever “Hot Cocoa and Ice Cream Social” put on by media specialist Natalie Strange and students Oriana Bunting and Francesca Romano on Nov. 18 from 4-5 p.m.

“I think this is a great idea because there are so many people at Northwest that don’t have friends and this is a good way for them to meet new people,” senior Mary Alex Beverly said.

The social was designed as a way to increase the social activities here at Northwest and allow students to simply sit back and relax while enjoying a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

“I came to the social to so I could get hot cocoa, meet new people and hang out with my friends,” Beverly said.

Many students came out for the hot chocolate and ice cream but left feeling like they made some new friends and meet people they typically don’t talk to.

“It gives us a time to communicate and socialize with each other while doing something enjoyable,” senior Gabby Martin said.

With an endless selection of toppings for the ice cream and a piping hot cup of hot chocolate, the social was deemed a success by many.

“It is a great way to bring people together through the simple action of drinking hot chocolate and eating ice cream,” Martin said.

In the end, Martin and Beverly both agreed this is something that they would come to again and the Ice Cream and Hot Cocoa Social has been deemed a success.

“I would come to any social that provided me with hot cocoa and ice cream!” Beverly said.

I would come to any social that provided me with hot cocoa and ice cream!”

— senior Mary Alex Beverly

Game Night

The media centers new influx of “meet ups” are made to be a fun way for students to interact and find new friends, but also a way for students to find that the library is an inviting and comfortable place to be.

“It was a well conducted event, and I had a lot of fun,” sophomore Areen Dabaghav said.

 The new series of events are thought up by students. Students propose an idea to Strange and are given a budget of $50 to make it happen. The Game Night event happening directly after the Hot Cocoa and Ice Cream Social was a relatively low budget event utilizing the games the library already had. It was a great way to socialize with fellow students after enjoying a bowl of ice cream or a cup of hot cocoa.

“I had fun playing Jenga with the boys,” junior Alex Jureit said.

Students grouped up at the library tables to play cards and board games. Some time later their was even a massive game of Kahoot. Students also played the piano or cello on the corner of the library giving the event a feeling that it was time to socialize.

“I loved the environment, it felt super upbeat and inviting, a great feeling to play games with your friends,” sophomore James Slaydon said.