Talk of new and old murals around the school


It’s no secret that Northwest has a lot of murals. It’s quite rare to find a hallway that doesn’t have a work of art painted across its wall. So it’s quite surprising that the school’s art department shows no sign of slowing down in the production of these masterpieces.

There are currently more than 20 different murals in Northwest. They range from Viking ships to the outlines of several athletes and even some trippy illusions.  But there seems to be no limit to new ideas for new murals.

“We do it every year, right after the students finish their AP exams,” art teacher Amber Bryant said. “We do a first-come, first-served basis, and sometimes there are murals that don’t get finished so they may trickle from year to year.”

One of the most well-known murals at Northwest is the Echo Hallway. This massive project covers the entire hallway that runs beside the auditorium. It is primarily an homage to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” but it also has other great minds sprinkled throughout it, such as Albert Einstein, Galileo, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Charlee Chaplin.

But recently there has been talk of redoing the now 18-year-old hallway’s mural. This idea has been somewhat controversial for some students.

“I think that with any mural it needs updating, you know, go back and paint over certain areas and over time some students have written on the walls,” art teacher Beth Herrick said, who is a big supporter of redoing the Echo Hall.

For some students, the idea of a new design for the hallway is exciting, but for others, it seems rude or not fair to the past students who worked on the original project.

“I always have two groups of students. One group that thinks, ‘Yes, absolutely, let’s fix it.’ Then I have another group of students that is like, ‘Wait a minute, those were somebody’s original paintings, and we don’t have the right to go over them,’” Herrick said.

But whether or not the Echo Hallway will get an update, there are plenty of great murals sure to come soon.