Why movie critics are so critical


critics often get a bad wrap. But how bad can they possible be.

Most people think that there are only two parts to making any artistic work a success. There are the creators, who pour their heart and soul into the work, and there are the customers, the ones who consume the work as long as they see it as being good.

But there is a third piece to this somewhat mostly well-oiled machine. The Critics, who exist in this weird middle ground between the two and are often hated by one of the other two parts.

“I just don’t see the reason why people pay other people to rate stuff,” said junior, Ron Forcher. Which is a great point why do people get paid to criticize other people’s work?

The best answer is that so we know whether or not we want to spend our own money on a movie. I mean think about it wouldn’t you rather a friend spend their own money on a movie and tell you it’s terrible than you spend your money to see that it’s terrible.

Take for example the new Holmes & Watson (2018) movie featuring Will Ferrell as Sherlock Holmes and John C. Reilly as Dr. Watson. Which is called by David Fear from Rolling stones as being “So painfully unfunny we’re not sure it can legally be called a comedy”. Now tell me does that sound like a movie that you want to go see. Probably not.

See that’s why critics are one of the most important things in the movie world. It’s so we get sequels to good movies like Deadpool (2016) and don’t get sequels to bad movies like Slender Man (2018). Because we don’t want big studios to continue to create horrible movies.

So next time you think about writing some angry comment against someone who rated a movie that you loved with a 2%. Stop and remember that they are just doing their job and trying to make the world of movies a better place.