The Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Decorating

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It’s that time of the year again which means that it’s time to deck the halls and decorate the house for Old Saint Nick. So here’s a list of things to make sure you do to make your Christmas one to remember.

  • Don’t make a cactus tree. It’s very simple and you’ve probably seen one of these in someone else’s yard. It’s when you take some Christmas lights and only wrap them around the base of the tree then you call it a day. It doesn’t look good and you’re probably going to get some dirty looks from your neighbors.

Just don’t do this. It’s a look that should only be seen on a real cactus.

  • Do put lights around the entire tree. If you’re completely set on putting lights on the trees in your front yard so your neighbors can have something to look at then do the entire flipping tree. Don’t focus only on the trunk because anyone can do that. Instead, go the extra mile and wrap a few of those lights around the branches so it looks like you’re actually in the festive mood.

It’s important to keep some space between the lights so you can cover much of the tree with a single strand.

  • Don’t use any of those cheap plastic lawn ornaments. You probably either know exactly what I’m talking about or have no idea. I’m talking about those little cheap plastic decorations, that often are some old school TV character like Kermit the frog wearing a Santa hat, they have a single dull bulb inside them that makes them look like they’re missing their head during the night. People love them because they’re cheap and festive and that’s the problem. They look cheap and they make your yard look cheap. The same can be said about inflatables. Sure there are a few that I think are actually cute but most of them have the same tacky look and are honestly just a pain to keep inflated.

I’m not sure where these things came from but please for all that is holy keep them off your lawn.

  • Do put some decorations in your yards. Look there are plenty of decorations for your yard that won’t cost you much and you can use them again each year. One of my favorite Lawn decorations has to be the twinkling Lawn sculptures. These are the ones that are usually reindeer shaped metal sculptures which are full of either solid or twinkling lights. Using these can help transform your lawn into a festive wonderland.

These Reindeer lawn decorations are sure to be the envy of your neighbors.

  • Don’t staple your lights to your house. Ok, so this one isn’t about being tacky but rather just a helpful/ safe tip. Sure stapling, nailing, or screwing your festive lights may seem like a real life hack for some speedy decorating but in reality, it can lead to you damaging your roof or damaging the lights. Any penetration through your roof has the potential to lead to leaks. Also, one staple misfire could lead to you accidentally ruining an entire strand of lights.

Stapling lights to your roof is something that will land you on Santa’s naughty list.

  • Do use special clips to hold the lights to your roof. So now that you know that nails and staples are a sure fire way to get on the naughty list what are you to do. Well, rest easy because there is a sure fire way to keep your lights up and stay on Santa’s good side. I asked around my neighborhood and found that most people agree that if you want to keep the lights up you should use some kind of special temporary clips. You can get these special clips from practically any store that sells Christmas decorations.

These clips are the best to hold your lights in place during any sort of weather.

  • Don’t overdo it with the baubles. Let’s leave the outside decorating now and focus on the inside of your home. Baubles are one of the cheapest and over used decorations for this time of the year. When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree it’s important to remember that less is more.

These Baubles can be great but only if you use them in small quantities.

  • Do use a verity of decorations for your tree. No one’s Christmas tree should look the same and neither should yours. Decorate your tree with more than just colored baubles. Instead, break out the festive Santa dolls and small figurines. But do your best to avoid any of those Holiday Craft Projects. And if you do have too many baubles try putting some of the extras in a festive bowl.


It’s important to keep your Christmas tree unique don’t over do it with one type of decorations.

  • Don’t overdo your outside decorations. It’s fine if you want to have your house scream that you love Christmas more than any other day of the year, but unless you live without neighbors please remember that too many lights at night can be quiet annoying.

It’s important to understand that no one likes a show-off. and that the more you put up the more you’ll have to take down.

  • Do remember to take your decorations down before Valentine’s Day rows around. Look we all understand the fact that no one likes for Christmas to end. It’s one of the best times of the year and it can be sad to see it leave. But for the love of god don’t be that guy who still has your Santa inflatable out a month after Christmas has come and went.

Remember that taking down your Christmas decorations is just as important as setting them up.

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