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Why the Super Bowl commercials weren’t as good

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Why the Super Bowl commercials weren’t as good

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The Super Bowl is watched by millions each year. Fans of the participating teams insist their team will come out victorious by the end of the game. There are also people who only watch the Super Bowl for the iconic and comedic commercials. However, this year left those watchers unamused and slightly disappointed.

Usually, companies put lots of money into making memorable commercials that are both efficient and witty. These commercials are for any product- chips, yogurt, alcohol, insurance, or even restaurants. These commercials have brought in more views for the Super Bowl, and have helped their product sell. This year, there seemed to be a lack of these commercials.
“There were not enough funny commercials in the Super Bowl this year,” freshman Trevor Nefe said. “Some of the commercials were funny, but they weren’t as good as previous Super Bowl commercials.”

Some of the big names that are known for giving good Super Bowl commercials did bring their cards to the table. Although, the effort was there and the humor was lacking. One reason may be that companies didn’t want to spend so much money on the commercial because they are on the high end. Another reason may be that the companies couldn’t think of a humorous commercial that modern watchers could connect better with, rather than sticking to the typical format.

“This year, the commercials were sub-par,” junior Austin Byrd said. “I feel like they could have done a better job and because of my high anticipation, I was dissatisfied by the end of the night.”

If this trend continues for future Super Bowl, they may start losing viewers and ratings could potentially decrease. For those who only watch it for the commercials, it is not the end of the world. There are compilations of them all over the internet, putting together the best over the years. Until next year, viewers can hope that companies decide to step up their commercial game for the next one.

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Why the Super Bowl commercials weren’t as good