Guilford County Schools collaborate on plastic sculptures displayed at PTI Airport

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Guilford County Schools collaborate on plastic sculptures displayed at PTI Airport

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Plastic is a material available to every student in Guilford County. Plastic is what inspired a collaborative sculpture that featured all but five Guilford County Schools.

The sculpture was placed in the Piedmont-Triad International Airport, and the collaboration has been on display to the public since Nov. 8. The sculpture is in the airport’s outdoor water fountain. and was a part of the Airport Authority’s Public Art Program, intended to feature North Carolina artists. The sculpture features over 50 pieces submitted by different schools.

“It’s an interesting thing to do because it is going in the airport,” senior Hannah Mahaffey said.

The sculpture features three pieces created by Northwest 3-D art students. The three seniors include Mahaffey, Maddie Lawson and Kylee Palombo. Each student created individual pieces for the under-the-sea themed collaboration.

“[I think] its cool because the sea animals represent North Carolinas coast,” Palombo said.

Each student focused on different animals: Mahaffey, a seahorse; Lawson, a sea turtle and Palombo, a whale tale. The students picked their own animals based on different factors. Mahaffey chose the seahorse because she thought the bumps would look interesting; Palombo chose the whale simply because she thought it would be “cool.”

“It’s a good idea; [I] like that we get to do it all together at the same time,” Palombo said.

The students’ pieces consisted of paint and recycled materials, like water bottles. Guilford County chose plastic for its availability. In total, the sculpture contained over 40,000 water bottles, all collected from the schools and Transportation Safety Administration entry points at PTI. The students all agreed plastic was a perfect resource for the project.

With each student having a love for sculpting, they agree it was a perfect project.

“I love the project, I’m definitely putting it on my resume,” Mahaffey said.

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