Same pizza, new restaurant


Many students love the pizza at Bella Luna Ristorante & Bar. At the end of last school year, Bella Luna moved into the Oak Ridge Commons.

Towards the end of last year, Elizabeth’s Pizza in the Oak Ridge commons, located next to Rio Grande, changed owners. The location was remodeled and some of the menu was changed. The new restaurant is Called Bella Luna Ristorante & Bar.

“I like the new place, but it’s a little more expensive,” Senior Kinlie Rackard said.

A large, cheese pizza is $13.00, which isn’t too bad, especially when compared to Dominos whose exact same pizza is only $3 cheaper. However, at Bella Luna you’re getting a better atmosphere and supporting the local economy.

That being said, their pasta dishes, which Rackard says are her favorite, are a little more on the expensive side, ranging from $10 to $14. Dinner dishes with meat as the main ingredient range anywhere from $14 to $20.

“Their pizza is amazing,” senior Razvan Lazar said. “It’s what I always get whenever I’m there.”

I agree with Lazar, their pizza is extremely good. Its thin crust with just enough tomato sauce and gooey cheese makes for a great pie. They put a mixture of spices involving oregano over the top to finish it off. The pizzas are fairly large and come with a variety of toppings.

The entire place was renovated and closed for a couple of months earlier this year.

“They re-decorated the place and it looks really good,” junior Averey Wyscarver said.

Their new decor is classy and subtle with an overall pleasing appearance. The addition of a stone wall really adds texture to the room and the gaudy italian decor that used to haunt the old Elizabeth’s Pizza is finally gone.

I would say that their new appearance also adds to the overall cleanliness of the establishment. There is less dust and grime in the bathrooms and dining room.

Just like Elizabeth’s, Bella Luna has an outdoor seating area that’s great on beautiful days when you want to enjoy both the outdoors and some delicious pizza.

Many of the staff from the old Elizabeth’s stayed on during the move and are still as friendly as always. They constantly ask what you need and are very quick with your order.

“Everyone is always super nice whenever I go there,” Lazar said.

Overall, Bella Luna has a great ambiance and location as well as amazing food.
It can sometimes be overpriced, but if you choose your meal wisely, it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat.