The next generation of promposals


As the biggest dance in high school approaches there is a lot to prepare for, but what about getting your date?

With prom becoming a bigger and bigger deal as time goes on, simply asking a girl to prom has become a thing of the past.

Whether it be through sign and a pun, or going all out and dressing up as something related to a girl’s interests, promposal seem to be the only way to go these days.

But why have people adopted these extravagant new ways to ask someone to prom, and left behind the simple question?

Guys want to make their future dates to feel as special as possible, hoping that their efforts will go appreciated, earning them their date to prom.

From firetrucks to teddy bears, the creative possibilities are endless.

Wonder how students at Northwest are going about this, here are some promposals Northwest students have put together.