Northwest drama Make-Believers presents: The Emperor’s New Clothes

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Northwest drama Make-Believers presents: The Emperor’s New Clothes

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Laughter fills the auditorium as the audience is whisked away into the world of colorful props and elaborate costumes.

On Jan. 27-28, the Northwest honors proficient theatre class performed The Emperor’s New Clothes, a comedy directed by theatre teacher, Abby Cockamn Turner.

Family members, friends and teachers showed up to support those who acted in the comedy. Many found the play to be entertaining, bursting into fits of laughter as the actors on stage acted out the scenes.

“Ms. Cockman’s plays are always humorous and entertaining and this one was no exception,” sophomore Erin Kohn said.

Sophomore Ethan Kinter played a fashion obsessed Emperor in the Jan. 27 performance and had to tap into his flamboyant side to bring his character to life.

“It was a great cast and we had a lot of fun,” Kinter said. “We always do it for the audience, for the people who come, and it was great to see a great turnout. It is always great when you do that bow on top of the stage and see everyone clapping.”

Sophomore Savannah Ranson played Boris, a cop.

“I played Boris and in this role, I really had to push myself to find my inner stupidity and aggressiveness, but also balance it with ignorance because my role was a stupid cop,” Ranson said. “I think I played that really well and I got a lot of laughs, so I’m hoping I can play something like this again.”

Senior Amber Long played the role of the Empress.

“This is my first year in the theatre class and I love how we came together as a family so it was like ‘one for all and all for one,’” Long said. “The play itself was fun to do. I got to show off my sassy side and be kind of like the mean wicked mother so that was really cool.”

After the play ended, the actors took his and her final bows to close the night and were greeted by the smiling faces of family and friends.

“The actors did an amazing job with the play,” senior Anna Claire Willey said. “They truly did a great job with bringing the story to life and getting the audience to laugh.”

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