Shop ’till you drop: Black Friday is here

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Shop ’till you drop: Black Friday is here

Angela Seo, staff writer

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Shoppers rustle about, looking for the best deals stores have to offer, snatching the must-have items as their shopping cart slowly fills up as the night goes on. It’s the day of the year many wait for to get those several items they have been eyeing for months- Black Friday. Whether it’s standing in line for hours at the break of dawn or shopping online in the comfort of his or her own home, many Northwest students enjoy Black Friday shopping.



A great thing about Amazon is that you can skip the long lines in the freezing cold. Amazon consistently has new deals up about every five minutes. If you can think of it, it is probably on Amazon.

“I just go on Amazon and my mom will do Christmas shopping on there because they have the best deals,” freshman Shelby Lester said.



Ulta has many deals called Beauty Busters for Black Friday that are up to 50 percent off on many products.

“Temple [Sizemore] and I have heard that there are really great deals in Ulta so, we’ll probably hit that up,” junior Taylor Clodfelter said.


Best Buy

Best Buy has many deals but are best known for their doorbusters. You can save hundreds of dollars on many electronics ranging from televisions to video games. Doors open five p.m. on Thursday and eight a.m. Friday.

“This year, I’m going to Virginia for Black Friday shopping. We’re going to this mall during Thanksgiving night and we’re also going to go at four a.m. on Friday,” said sophomore Vishali Chauhan. “I want to get a Macbook so we’re going to go to Best Buy. The lines last year were so long, it took two hours in the line and it was so cold.”



Walmart has a week-long deal on many things ranging from toys to treadmills and has a pre-Black Friday sale going on right now.

“You can find great deals in Walmart. If you want electronics, Crockpots, tupperware, you go to Walmart. So, one time I had to wait in line for about eight hours and I waited for an iPad mini and it was only $50 with a $25 cash-back for other things at Walmart,” senior Mary Fenton said. “That same day, right after I got the iPad, there were these Crockpots and they were crazy cheap. I need one for college so now I have one. When they started cutting the saran-wrap, people started lunging at it and someone saw me at the back and I was like, ‘pass it here!’ and they threw it at me. I caught that Crockpot and I ran.”



JCPenny has extra 25 percent if you purchase something with your JCPenny card or 20 percent off if it’s with another method of payment.

“JCPenny also has good deals as long as you know how to work the system,” Fenton said. “Sometimes they’ll send ads that’s like 10 percent off this and then you can add coupons that are like 50 percent off so, you can end up with clothes that are like five dollars.



Kohl’s has many deals in store and online only. You can save an extra 15 percent off with the code NOVSAVE15 and get $15 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent.

“One year, I got these boots that were originally $50 and my mom had 50 percent off coupons so it was $25 then, the deal of the day was an extra 50 percent off and you get Kohl’s cash so it was like, $10 with Kohl’s cash so I could buy more clothes,” Fenton said.


“The best part about [Black Friday] is when you come back from all the holidays looking fabulous,” Fenton said. “You have all your new clothes on, slaying at school, walking down the hallways and no one can stand in your way. It’s the most amazing feeling because it’s like, ‘this stuff is super expensive and I got it for 10 dollars.’”

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