Fun date ideas to make things interesting

Alexis Marvin and Maddie Lawson, spread and managing editor & arts and culture editor

A couple goes hiking to enjoy each other's company and experience nature at the same time. There are many alternative date ideas that couples can try to switch things up.
A couple goes hiking to enjoy each other’s company and experience nature at the same time. There are many alternative date ideas that couples can try to switch things up.

The classic movie date with a twist:

Everyone’s been on a movie date, whether it was to the actual theaters or an at home show, most people have done it. It’s boring and cliché by now, so why not keep the classic idea but add a little something to it. In downtown Winston Salem Aperture Cinema shows foreign, independent, documentary, festival and local films. It offers an interesting selection of movies that most have probably never seen before. They have three theaters with 45 seats each and offer concessions like freshly popped popcorn and candy. It is located at 311 West fourth street.

Rock climbing:

Some people don’t like to sit still so movie and dinner dates don’t work that well for them. Rock climbing is a good alternative and there’s a local gym right nearby. Ultimate Climbing Gym has bouldering, top rope climbing and sport climbing. They also offer belay classes for five dollars so partners can belay one another. However, in order to belay climbers must be 16 or older.

Cooking Class:

Everyone loves food so why not make and then eat it? Cooking classes are a fun way to converse and get to know your partner. Most cooking classes teach you how to make the meal and then let you eat it, it’s a more interactive dinner date in a way.

Go kayaking/canoeing:

Getting outside is a nice change from our busy everyday lives. Not many people spend much time on the water, so a date on the water is all the better. Around Greensboro there are several lakes that have rental services for kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and sail boats (if you know how to sail or are feeling daring). These lakes include lake Brandt, Higgins and Townsend. It’s not very expensive, ranging from ten to twenty dollars.


In our October issue there was an article outlining the best unknown coffee shops around Greensboro ( included Geeksboro, Tate Street Coffeehouse and The Green Bean, just to name a few. You and your date could pick one and stick around of go coffee hopping, trying a different drink at each shop. It’s a fun way to try new things while diving into conversation with your date.

Take a hike:

Regardless of how physically fit you are, you and your significant other can always enjoy a trip to Hanging Rock or some other hiking spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery and otherworldliness of nature.

Downtown Greensboro:

Take him or her downtown and enjoy all it has to offer. There are too many cute shops to go unnoticed and he or she might even buy you a gift to show their fondness for you. There’s also Natty Greene’s to eat, coffee to drink and hand holding is a must. An interesting spot to hit would be Elsewhere, the living art museum on Elm Street.

Friendly Pets:

Holding puppies and cats never hurt a relationship. Grab a smoothie from Juice Shop and then head on over to Friendly Pets and hush over the level of adorable together. If you’re not 18 and can’t hold a puppy legally, admire from afar and play with the ferrets until you guys are legal.

Drive-in Movie Theater:

If you’re looking for an alternative for the usual dinner and a movie, Eden has a drive-in movie theater that screens both fairly new and classic movies. Admission is $7 for adults and $4 for children, and the movies begin precisely at sundown. There are two movies shown every night just in case you guys are looking to marathon.


If you’re looking to spice up your relationship and want to bring a little competition into the picture, bowling is a perfect date idea. If you’re trying to make things extra interesting, there are a few bowling lanes that also have laser tag and cosmic bowling. There’s also pizza, soda and an arcade.