Halloween hits: revisiting the classics

Katie Lee Parrish, staff writer

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Halloween is three days away and the festivities are underway. Halloween traditions typically include going to haunted houses, making unique costumes, carving pumpkins and…watching well-known Halloween movies. Does The Nightmare before Christmas, The Halloweentown series, The Haunted Mansion, Hocus Pocus and Twitches ring a bell? These movies were popular in the late 1990s and the 2000s, our childhood.

“I like The Haunted Mansion because it’s a movie that my dad and I grew up with and always enjoyed as a family,” senior Max Boulton. “It’s something that I have a lot of fond memories of.”

These movies hold special memories for many individuals from their childhoods. These movies may also be a part of Halloween traditions.

“[The Nightmare before Christmas] is my favorite Halloween movie because the songs really get me excited for Christmas,” senior Kayla McDougle said. “It’s my own personal tradition to watch it at least once every year, a day or two before Halloween.”

These movies help spark the Halloween spirit. So, go ahead, take a step back into your childhood and watch these classic Halloween movies.


Below are some of the Halloween movies mentioned above with some interesting facts about several of the movies.


Nightmare before Christmas: 1993tnbc-pic

Did you know that it took three years to make the movie?




The Halloweentown series: 1998-2006

Did you know that only two actors are consistent in all four movies (Joey Zimmerman and Judith Hoag)?

The Haunted Mansion: 2003

Hocus Pocus: 1993hp-pic

Did you know that there are many anachronisms in the movie?




Twiches: 2005


Interesting facts gathered from ibtimes.com


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