It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s Tessa

It's fresh, it's new, it's Tessa

Maddie Lawson

 Organic, healthy, and fresh foods seem to be all the rage right now, but will it last? The owner of Tessa seems to think so. Mel Morris has built his business model around the idea of farm to table. Tessa’s menu consists of plates made with ingredients from farms in North Carolina and is seasonally inspired.

“It’s awesome that we’ve gotten this type of restaurant in Greensboro,” said Sophomore Emma Taney.

Tessa opened about two weeks ago (on Battleground Avenue next to Elizabeth’s Pizza) and since then, it seems to have been all hustle and bustle for the small restaurant. If you ever plan on going, I would definitely recommend calling ahead, it’s a very sought after place.

The building Tessa resides in used to be a Waffle House. Boasting the long, rectangular shape, people eating at Tessa can definitely tell what it used to be, especially when their elbows brush against the table next to theirs. Other than the tight space, Tessa has completely gotten rid of the Waffle House look.

“It’s one of the cutest restaurant I’ve seen,” said freshman Bella Morehead.

The fresh flowers and glass bottles of water, mixed with the cheerful pastels of the walls create an organic, fun atmosphere that anyone would love to eat in.

The main reason anyone goes to a particular restaurant is the food and no matter how amazing the decor is, it doesn’t matter, if your food isn’t quite up to par.This is most definitely NOT the case at Tessa. Their french trained chef definitely shows off his skills with options like goat cheese soufflé, seared salmon and asian beef. They offer small and large plates so if you’re looking to try a couple different things, its easy to order a few small plates to share.

“Tessa was named after the resident golden retriever at Peacehaven Farms,” said owner Mel Morris.

Morris volunteered at Peacehaven, a community for autistic adults, and was inspired to create a restaurant that showcased all the fruits of the earth that the community harvested.

“Some of the fruits and vegetables we use were grown at Peacehaven Farms,” said Morris.

Tessa also means to gather or to harvest, which just so happens to fit the restaurant perfectly.

“I like the idea, but normally organic food is really expensive,” said sophomore Oge Obi-Rapu.

Tessa has fairly reasonable prices with salads costing around $8, small plates about $12 and large plates somewhere around $23.

Overall, Tessa is a cheerful and fun addition to the Greensboro area.