Here’s a list of the artists coming to NC this summer


Photo by Paige Nehls

By Paige Nehls on April 20th, 2015

As if summer itself isn’t enough to look forward to, here is a list of concerts and music festivals coming to North Carolina:

  • June 4-6: The Bluegrass in Cherokee bluegrass festival in Cherokee
  • June 5-6: Brevard Blues Festival in Brevard
  • June 6: Carolina Beach Music Festival in Carolina Beach
  • June 8: Taylor Swift in Charlotte (if you don’t have exams you could make it)
  • June 11: Mumford and Sons in Raleigh
  • June 12-13: The Blue Ridge BBQ & Music Festival in Tryon
  • June 13: Rock the Park Music Festival in Charlotte
  • June 13: Lana Del Rey in Charlotte
  • June 19-20: Uptown Charlotte Jazz Fest in Charlotte
  • July 1: The Rolling Stones in Raleigh
  • July 19: Fallout Boy with Wiz Khalifa in Charlotte
  • July 21: Ariana Grande in Charlotte
  • July 23: Sam Smith in Raleigh
  • July 26: Rascal Flatts in Raleigh
  • Aug 4: Nicki Minaj in Charlotte
  • August 5: Colbie Cailliat in Raleigh
  • August 7: Lady Antebellum in Charlotte
  • August 12: J Cole and Big Sean with in Charlotte
  • August 14: Phish in Raleigh
  • August 18: Meghan Trainor in Raleigh
  • September 10-12: Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh


For more information about any of these concerts or festivals, just type the name into a search engine. Ticket prices range from $0-$600. I only listed the 20 concerts and music festivals that I heard people the most excited about. There are hundreds more festivals and concerts in North Carolina this summer. If you don’t like any on the list, look your favorite artists to see if they’re coming here. In my experience, going to concerts is a fantastic way to spend the summer.  Pool together some money with your friends and hit the road! Seeing live music is so much better than listening to recordings (in my humble opinion).