The Park is Closing

By Alexis Marvin on February 26th, 2015:

Parks and Recreation is ending with its seventh season, and its massive fan base is preparing for the bittersweet goodbye by recalling their thoughts and feelings concerning the show.

For six years, the cast of the amazing show has grown much closer by working on many projects together. They’ve laughed, cried, and laughed some more, all while working on set.

“I love working with friends,” actor Adam Scott, whom portrays Ben Wyatt on the show said.  “It’s my favorite thing to do.” Ben Wyatt is married to Leslie Knope, the main character on Parks and Rec. Leslie is a role model to all the female who watch the show, with her feminist and all-accepting persona. Amy Poehler, who portrays Knope, is much the same way in real life.

“I’d like to think our show is at the end of the day, a character comedy about friendships.” Poehler said. “The politics are just about, what do you want to do in your work? You know, what do you want to say in your work, what’s important to you in your work? All the characters in the show represent different things.”

And it’s true. For some people, the extensive diversity on the show is what makes it so appealing.

“I like Aziz Ansari,” NWHS sophomore Shalmalee Soman said of the actor who portrays Tom Haverford. “Because he’s Indian, he represents cultural diversity.” Often times, what turns people off to certain shows is the lack of diversity among the characters.

Although not many students have kept up with the show down to its very last season, many have watched at least one episode.

And how did they become interested in watching the show?

“For me, I was just bored on Netflix.” Soman said. Having all but the last season in one place is a great way to market such a popular show. If you have Netflix, you’re going to eventually come across the show, and seeing that all of the episodes are there, you’re going to want to watch it.

Most people who watch the show suggest it to someone else, and that’s how the show gets passed on. “I suggested the show to my mom,” sophomore Bailey Davidson said. Now, her mom has seen almost every episode and holds the TV series close to her heart.

“My sisters recommended it to me,” freshman Maggie Leybourne said.

The list of relatable characters keeps viewers attached to the show. “My favorite character is Andy, because he’s really simple and relatable. The show is so relaxed, it’s just people hanging out at an office, and everybody’s goofing off.” Leybourne said.

The aspect of the show that everyone is going to miss the most is the awesome characters, and even the cast is aware of their influence. Poehler admitted in an interview that the show has lots of young fans, teenagers who watch the show with their parents. “There’s a family element to the watching of the show that’s been nice,” she said. She thinks viewers have grown to love and care about the characters, and that is certainly true for the students of NWHS.