Wild Movie Review


By Alexis Marvin on January 29th, 2015

Wild is a true story that follows a woman on her journey across the Pacific Crest Trail, a trail that spans across the western border from the Mexican border in California to just above the Canadian border.  After losing her mother and best friend to cancer, Cheryl Strayed decides she has hit rock bottom, making the split decision to hike her way back to the person she used to be through a lonesome, three month journey on the trail. Along the way, she meets many people, including the woman she used to be when her mother was around.fgh

The movie is a beautiful story in which the viewer watches Cheryl Stayed fall back in love with herself. It is full of humor, sadness, happiness, and beauty. The cinematography is beautiful. Directed by Jean Marc Vallee, scenes are filled with color, emotion and reverence in the way movies should be filled to the brim with.

The movie is based off of an autobiography by Cheryl Strayed, also titled Wild. The story is as amazing as the movie, filled with beautiful and personal moments. The story itself is amazing, and everyone should experience it.