Beyoncé launches a secret album

Many people were surprised by the release of Beyoncé’s new album. Without any pre-release promotion, the album “Beyoncé” shattered the record for most albums sold in a single weekend, selling more than 828,773. Also, it became the fastest selling album in iTune history.

Beyoncé’s album was so top secret that the producer of her single “XO” didn’t know until just 90 minutes before its release.

On the week of the New Year, the self-titled album dropped down to No. 2, bested by the “Frozen” soundtrack. As of Jan. 3, this animated movie soundtrack is still on top. “Frozen” will be the first film soundtrack to maintain the No. 1 spot for multiple weeks in a row since Dreamgirls in 2007.

Is it possible that Queen Elsa has officially dethroned Queen B?